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10 general features of classless, Communist society?

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HawkeHawke asked 5 years ago

I need help with my sociology homework. I will post this in a few sections, since I am not quite sure where to post this question.

I need to know what the 10 general features of a classless, communist society held in common in various developed countries are. Can anyone help me with this, or give me a helpful link that will have this information, please? Thank you all, in advance.

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Jesse_J answered 5 years ago

I would pressume (guess) it’s general features would be descriptions on their happiness/strenghts that keep them going.
1.The community keep contact with each other- have to socialise on the same terms.
2.Living among the same stereotype of following each other without consequences.
3.Using force among each other to be the leader.
4.The government is on country strenght/tax measures.
5.Offer less houses for private sale.
6.They need outside help (new properties) to grow.
7.Offer less voice for the people’s rights (except India’s democracy doesn’t get affected)
8.Every country is trying it someway and suceeding sometime.
9.Industrial production would be high.
10.Changes the daily progress of democracy, sociology, pscychology.
The order is muddled up^^^

It might be a headache to read through but I just put what I understood about communism in 10 general features for you =] On the run, your guess is as good as mine, maybe better.