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Can you help me with my business homework?

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cocococo asked 5 years ago

Can you tell me 3 advantages a Private Limited company has and 3 disadvantages. Also I would like to know (if it can) how it would turn into another business type (E.G- becoming a public limited company)
Also, could u tell me the same for Public Limited Company (3 advantages+ disadvantages + if it could turn) and for a franchise and finally co-oprative.


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geoffrey answered 5 years ago

Kid, let me tell you, back in my day we didn’t need no fancy business degrees to make a company. My best friend Bobby Roy and I armed with only a nickle and a crate full of lemons opened the first lemonade stand on Oakwood Avenue. That was the best summer of my life. Sure, Booby Roy stopped talking to me after we ran out of lemons and I started taking a piss in the glasses to keep up our demand. And that was the same summer dad left Mom for Ant Rosemary. But I learned a lesson I would never forget summer after summer of squeezing and picking lemons….

While a private limited company offers created protection against liability issues, the stock shares must be split amongst more people than in a Public limited company. In addition, a Private Limited company has greater access to capital investments than that of a Public limited company. Futhermore, a Private Limited Company can greater withstand the challenges of the economy as the business is ran by a variety of people with a variety of skills. On the other hand, a Public company can be considered a safer investment for the average business man as once a business goes private the risk is shared with all shareholders. Sometimes it is better to attract investors by staying public.

Can’t learn life lessons like that at some fancy business school now can ya?