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Define democracy and explain the requirements/components of democratic regimes?

Latest QuestionsCategory: Religion and PhilosophyDefine democracy and explain the requirements/components of democratic regimes?
camila asked 5 years ago

Also describe what an illiberal/hybrid regime is and why they are not considered democracies

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hummingbird answered 5 years ago

I think that you should do your own homework. That said, I’m feeling magnanimous.

A democracy is a system of government that features the following:

* A government that comes into power through elections
* Elections that are frequent, free, fair, and competitive
* Guaranteed civil rights (the right to speak out, the right to assemble and petition, etc.)
* Guaranteed political rights (the right to vote, the right to run for office)
* A free press that it is independent of the government, and multiple sources of media information
* Accountability to the voters (through elections, recall mechanisms, polls, etc.)
* Protection of minority rights
* Government transparency (the government generally works in the open, and corruption is limited)
* Horizontal accountability between branches of government (checks and balances)
* Internally sovereign government (the government can act without an unelected force [like the military] preventing it from ruling)
* Near-universal adult suffrage (almost all citizens of age are allowed to vote, regardless of race, religion, etc.)
* Rule of law (the government cannot violate the constitution or basic laws at will)

An illiberal regime is a government that does not follow these practices. For example, elections in Zimbabwe are not free or fair, because of violence and intimidation toward voters and political candidates. Russia is illiberal because its government harasses opponents of the regime, and has jailed a number of persons who might have become political challengers. Thus, neither country is a democracy.