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how did the balance of powers affect europe

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HI, what era are you talking about?

At the beginning of the 18th Century the map of Europe was remade by two major treaties, the resulting shifts in boarders created serious shifts in power throughout the continent…

Treaty of Utrecht 1713-1714, ended the War of Spanish Succession

Austria: gained the Spanish Netherlands and Spanish territories in Italy
France: gained territory in Alsace and Lorraine, while giving up colonial possessions in the Americas
England: gained France’s North American colonies, Gibraltar and Island of Minorca (both from Spain), Spanish trade routes to the Americas

Result: England gained vital commercial interests and Austria became a major empire in central Europe

Treaty of Nystad 1721, ended the Great Northern War b/w Russia and Sweden over Finland and Baltic territories

Russia: gained territory in the Baltic region and built St. Petersburg
Sweden: lost land in Finland, the Baltic states and Northern Germany

Results: Sweden fell from power, Russia and Prussia were on the rise, while Poland held on to a precarious position as they became challenged by Prussia, Russia and the Ottoman Empire

Rise of Russia

Russia became an established power with the victory over Sweden in the Great Northern War under the leadership of Peter the Great