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How do I demonstrate appropriate response when stopped by a law enforcement officer?

Latest QuestionsCategory: Law and PoliticsHow do I demonstrate appropriate response when stopped by a law enforcement officer?
cocococo asked 5 years ago

I need answers for my homework.

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j_sun answered 5 years ago

Be respectful.

geoffrey answered 5 years ago

I don’t advocate doing someones homework for them, but this will be my exception…….

Try not to be a jerk, be honest, don’t cop (pardon the pun) an attitude, accept the ticket or citation with maturity, if you don’t agree that is why you take it to court. Treat them with respect, remember the police officer most likely has a dash camera and a body mic.

hummingbird answered 5 years ago

Be nice. But feel free to exercise your rights only if you know them. “Yes sir, no sir” works. And if they put you in cuffs, don’t start cursing them.

Jesse_J answered 5 years ago

When pulled over, pull your car to the side of the road, out of traffic. If not possible immediately, slow your car and signal with your turn signal that you are complying.

After you are at the side of the road, stay in your vehicle unless asked to step out by the officer. Provide your license when asked. If asked to, provide any other paperwork relevant to the auto (title and proof of insurance.)

You are not required to allow officers to search you vehicle, assuming you do not have illegal or dangerous items in plain sight (or someone pounding on your trunk lid from inside).

formula1 answered 5 years ago

I have always pulled over, turned the car engine off. Turn the interior light on, roll the window down, and put your hands in the 10 and 2 position. Do all this before the cop gets to your car. Wait until he asks you for you registration before leaning over and getting in the glove compartment. Always say yes/no sir/ma’m. Always tell the truth, if they catch you lying they will immediately give you a ticket. One time I got pulled over for a seat belt violation, he asked me if there was any good reason I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt and I said there wasn’t. He said “good answer” and let me go with a warning.

Hungry! answered 5 years ago

Show concerned body language and a smile, have your license,
registration and insurance card in hand (Michigan) and your hands
on the steering wheel. Respond; “can I help you officer ??)
from there, just be polite and don’t argue.

federox answered 5 years ago

First, when you pull over to the side of the road, turn your wheels all the way toward the side of the road. Turn the engine off, and roll down your window. If its at night, turn on the dome light. Place & keep both your hands on the steering wheel, in plain site at all times. Never take off your seatbelt or reach for your wallet/information till your asked to do so. If you have tinted windows in the back seat, roll them down as well. All of this will put the officer at ease, as he will know your not going to run or try to get away, he’ll know that you are not trying to hide anything or get a weapon out, and allowing him to see in your vechicle takes away any surprises. When talking to the officer, be polite, but don’t over do it with “Sir” this &”Sir” that. Remember, he is a person too, and he is just doing his job. (A very dangerous job at that!) And never, never give up your right to refuse a seach!! Even if you have nothing to hide, it is your RIGHT to refuse a search. Be respectful when asked, but don’t allow them to search your vehicle.

aeroaero answered 5 years ago

Follow his instructions. Be polite an courteous He should be the same.

federox answered 5 years ago

Ask him what the hell his problom is?Then tell him to piss off and flee.

geoffrey answered 5 years ago

first dont do any thing to make the officer, un easy, keep you hand wher he can see them both,,, wait till he ask you to show your drivelis,an proof of ins,,,if he ask you to step out, do so,be friendly,,,if he ask a ?, be ready to answer, an not takeing time to think of one, ,,,,rember you may be one that not out to do harm, but ,he does not know that ,they can not read mind, but do read actions

Melanie answered 5 years ago

If your right or wrong, it not for you to start any more troble than you may be in. Just try to be respectful and obey as fully as possible.

Jones answered 5 years ago

…smile and be cooperative…