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How many hours of homework can I expect per night?

Latest QuestionsCategory: PsychologyHow many hours of homework can I expect per night?
HawkeHawke asked 5 years ago

I’m in college and this semester I’m taking

Intro to Psychology
Intermediate Algebra
Composition 2
History of the Modern World
BTW i’m going to a mediocre state university!

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cocococo answered 5 years ago

12 credits? is that all? with that light schedule I would guess maybe 20-25 hours a week outside of class should be MORE that enough……

geoffrey answered 5 years ago

Algebra will probably have homework assignments and in comp 2 you’ll have to write papers. The other two courses won’t have much homework you’ll have to decide how much you need to study though. People say you should plan for about 2 hours for every hour you’re in class. If you’re taking 12 hours then expect to spend 24 hours a week studying.

Jones answered 5 years ago

Back in the olden days, we were told to expect to do 3 hours homework for every hour of credit. However, some classes require more out of classroom reading and others require extensive projects and term papers.

There are no mediocre state colleges. You pick the classes you want for your major and do excellent work and you will get a good education. And, keep up with the news, history, geography, science, medicine, and technology and you will be well informed.

I attended 3 universities as part of my undergraduate work (moved with hb every year) and found no difference between classes taught at satellite schools and the universities.

I was able to get all A’s (but one) in my graduate work at a private university.

If you have a choice of instructors, pick the best who require the most work. Throw yourself into your work. Whenever you miss a question whether asked in class or on a test, study to see why the correct answer was correct and why the wrong answer was wrong (you were confused). Learn the vocabulary of the subject. Look to see how what you learn impacts the real world.