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Liberals, do you ever feel like this category is a waste of time?

Latest QuestionsCategory: Religion and PhilosophyLiberals, do you ever feel like this category is a waste of time?
camila asked 5 years ago

I can’t stand the amount of trolls on here. I know these “Cons” are trolls because I have never met people this uneducated and stupid.

Since this place is overrun with trolls and high school drop outs, what is another section that is much more enjoyable?

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ricki answered 5 years ago

Try Religion & Spirituality lol

Just kidding, there are more nutjobs over there than here.I visit “Math & Homework” section to help people with their questions but since it’s Summer now, there are very few people there right now.

curlz answered 5 years ago

Sounds like a lot of “sour grapes” coming out of your keyboard

cocococo answered 5 years ago


I enjoy the Words and Wordplay section and Arts & Humanities. There are people there who don’t have as their main reason for living the criticism of the President.

j_sun answered 5 years ago

I balance my work out……

Hungry! answered 5 years ago

Yes, without my thumbs-down ability, this category is hard to take. I can only “agree”; I cannot disagree.

You might enjoy Words & Wordplay. Is there a Philosophy section?