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what are the functions of the families psychologically speaking?

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camila asked 5 years ago

i need the answers for my sociology homework. i can’t seem to find it in any site. these functions could probably be in lawful perspective in case it surely is. it could also be found in any executive orders or something, i don’t know…
i was not looking for a cheat sheet! i’m looking for a site that contains any exectuve order, by laws, or any official correspondence from any certified psychologists what the functions of the families are. my homework is not based-on-your-own-words type of test, ok? 🙂

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Garrulous answered 5 years ago

promote goodwill and understanding

hummingbird answered 5 years ago

Obviously, when you are a child, you can’t do for yourself, so the family is there to nurture and bring you up properly according to acceptable society standards.

HawkeHawke answered 5 years ago

Since you refused to spend any amount of time, thinking about the obvious answers, no cheat-sheet will be provided here! Let your head become something other than a ‘hat-rack.’

formula1 answered 5 years ago

to give the right up bring and proper understanding to all members of the family.
to give good advices to the young people so they can live in society’s world and learn to work and go to school and to be the adult they need to be.