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What are the three branches of government?

Latest QuestionsCategory: Law and PoliticsWhat are the three branches of government?
camila asked 5 years ago

I have to read something about each branch somewhere in the newspaper for homework. What is each branch about(Legislative, Executive, and Judicial) and where can i find it in the newspaper?

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cocococo answered 5 years ago

Larry, Moe and Curly

formula1 answered 5 years ago

Legislative is congress they make laws and aprove budgets. Executive enforces law and runs the military, This is the branch the president runs. Judicial it the american court system and supreme court. I don’ think you’ll be able to find it in a newspaper so look it up online.

curlz answered 5 years ago

Legislative: It’s Congress, basically. The legislative branch makes the laws. Most other governmental assemblies are also legislative (town councils, etc.)

Executive: The President, his Cabinet, etc. The Executive Branch enforces the laws. This would also include police, FBI, CIA, etc.

Judicial: Interprets the laws. This would be the court system, from district courts to the Supreme Court,

ricki answered 5 years ago

Exxon, Monsanto and Remington.

curlz answered 5 years ago

The executive, legislative and judicial. These would be the three branches of government.

hummingbird answered 5 years ago

Judicial (Supreme Court) news,0,2479002.story

Legislative (Congress) news

Executive (Secretary of State is part of executive branch) news

Now go do your homework, read AND LEARN about your government