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what’s the difference between mac and pc and which should I get if…?

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camila asked 5 years ago

I am a student, will major in computer science. I just started taking my CS classes and really I do not know much about computers yet, other than I need a laptop for convenience.
Tho no one has really answered my question at school about what should I get, a mac or pc?
I don’t understand yet what are the percs of each, but I do need one soon because my commute is long and all my homework is…. code.
So if someone can give me an explanation regarding my question, thank you a lot.

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daltonest1984 answered 5 years ago

If your going to be using it for school then I would get a PC. A Mac is used more for picture and video editing. If you like to do those things than get a Mac. If not then Id stick with a PC.

laurencescou answered 5 years ago

I would assume if you’re coding, then you’re not coding for Macs…..why limit yourself to using one?

The Mac is a sweet designed machine, and a cool OS – but if you’re coding – get a PC.

Granted – you can run Windows on the MAC now – and Mac on the Windows.

Whatever you get – download VMWare – it’s your best friend for creating environments to play with without worrying about trashing your lifeline of a computer.

Corporate grade is better. Lattitude instead of Inspiron – NC instead of Pavillion – etc.

Best of luck.

michelleunicorn answered 5 years ago

For computer science, go with a PC for sure. 90% of the world runs on PC’s, so it just makes more sense to direct your education toward something everyone uses.

Macs are better for Graphic Designers, but thats about it.

jlmhmf answered 5 years ago

Macs are a lot more user friendly. and usually does not get viruses. They are more expensive then a PC but its premium product at a premium price. There is more software available for PC than there is for a mac. This is quickly changing though. Macs have been outselling PC’s in recent months. Another huge advantage to buying a Mac is boot camp. Boot Camp is software that allows you to run windows on your mac. To me this makes the PC obsolete. I just bought a Mac and i installed windows on it. So I can run all my programs that i had on my PC with no problem at all. If you don’t know what i’m talking about here’s a quick explanation. PC’s run windows and Mac’s run OSX. These are the operating systems that run the machine itself. Since Mac can now run both OSX and Windows the PC is obsolete. I would wait a month until the next version of OSX comes out so it comes preloaded on your Mac and you don’t have to pay to upgrade. MAC all the way.

washai answered 5 years ago

The Intel Mac will allow to you have Mac OS X, Windows XP or Vista, & Linux (any brand). It will be very versatile. Also, Mac OS X is UNIX. One platform, all that you need. A Mac is more expensive, but for what you get, you are way ahead. BTW, if you go this route, don’t use Bootcamp to load the other OS’s. Use something like Parallels. If you use Bootcamp, you have to reboot into each OS when you need it. With Parallels, you can just switch, like between applications.