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Which clause protects Marsha’s right to worship a religion that recognizes two gods?

Latest QuestionsCategory: Religion and PhilosophyWhich clause protects Marsha’s right to worship a religion that recognizes two gods?
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A. free exercise clause

B. establishment clause

C. due process clause

D. self-incrimination clause
12. Which concept involves questions of fair process?

A. procedural due process

B. substantive due process

C. free exercise

D. free expression
13. Which concept applies in deciding if a law or governmental action unreasonably infringes on a basic right or liberty?

A. procedural due process

B. substantive due process

C. free exercise

D. establishment clause
14. Which concept protects your right to possess certain materials for your own use, as long as you do not offer them for sale?

A. due process

B. free exercise

C. free expression

D. privacy
15. Discrimination may be upheld under a rational basis test in which of the following circumstances?

A. An employer requires computer programmers to be able to walk.

B. Airline pilots are required to be right-handed.

C. Fire fighters are required to be able to climb a ladder.

D. Police officers are required to be male.
16. What test requires the government to show a compelling interest in some type of discrimination?

A. rational basis test

B. strict scrutiny test

C. substantial relationship test

D. equal protection test
17. What is affirmative action?

A. steps taken to remedy past and current discrimination

B. the ability to violate equal protection

C. steps that fail the rational basis test

D. giving preference to majority group members in hiring
18. What are collective rights?

A. the recognition of rights of individuals

B. the recognition of negotiated rights

C. the recognition of rights of a group

D. the recognition of union bargaining rights
19. What type of discrimination is based on sex?

A. racial

B. national origin

C. citizenship

D. gender
20. Which may constitute sexual harassment?

A. The office manager constantly tells Goldie that she is attractive.

B. The owner of a business establishes a dress code for all employees.

C. The sales manager stresses the importance of good grooming for the sales staff.

D. School administrators create a dress code for all students and faculty.
21. Which is not an example of age discrimination?

A. World Wide Widget, Inc., only hires secretaries under age thirty.

B. Fly-By-Night Airlines established sixty as the retirement age for pilots.

C. The Metropolitan Police Department establishes thirty-five as the maximum age for officers.

D. The Wicker Basset Dog Grooming Salon will not employ a groomer over age forty-five.
22. What does the Americans with Disabilities Act do?

A. requires the hiring of people regardless of their disability

B. provides government jobs for the disabled

C. protects persons with disabilities against discrimination

D. establishes educational programs for the disabled
23. Which is true regarding the testing of job applicants?

A. No testing of applicants is permitted.

B. Testing related to the ability to perform the job is permitted.

C. Testing may be used to screen out the disabled.

D. All employers are permitted to use drug testing.
24. Which law protects employees in the work environment?

A. Americans with Disabilities Act

B. Equal Pay Act

C. Federal Labor Relations Act

D. Occupational Safety and Health Act
25. Which is true regarding the expectation of privacy at work?

A. Privacy rights are the same at work as at home.

B. Personnel files are never accessible to the employee.

C. Employers may monitor employees’ use of e-mail and the Internet on the job.

D. Employees have no privacy rights at work.

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