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Why do students cut and paste their sociology homework here?

Latest QuestionsCategory: SociologyWhy do students cut and paste their sociology homework here?
camila asked 5 years ago

I mean, I don’t mind explaining a topic, or helping someone who is confused. But really, why do students keep posting multiple choice and true/false questions thinking they’re going to get an answer?

And why isn’t that against the “community guidelines”?

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formula1 answered 5 years ago

i think its actually a pretty good idea.. its not like the teacher said “No using Yahoo Answers!” 🙂

aeroaero answered 5 years ago

Because the public school system is a disgrace. No one even pretends to teach anymore. Too many people are breeding that have no child rearing skills, then they blame it on society when little johnny can’t read. The teachers get worse, kids get lazier, and in the future these kids will be even worse teachers making kids even dumber and lazier. People can’t even do simple math anymore, or even spell- even when they have a spell checker! But it doesn’t matter, because every kid passes anyway. As for libraries- nowadays they are places where kids go to play computer games.

Or to put it another way, I just don’t think people care anymore, and have no reason to.