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Why does Obama want Hillary supporters to “Get Over It” ?

Latest QuestionsCategory: Religion and PhilosophyWhy does Obama want Hillary supporters to “Get Over It” ?
Jesse_J asked 4 years ago

What does he want us to “get over” – the fact that there are many voters out there that will not, under any circumstances, vote for this man no matter how many political ploys he creates ?
Ms. Bigglesworth: You don’t speak for me – and neither does Obama. Go shake your finger in someone elses face – it won’t work with me. I can “lay off” whatever I choose – and there is nothing “fair” about this election. Obama is a sham.

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penguins answered 4 years ago

To me, it just seems that the minority of Hillary Supporters (About 15%) are acting like babies because things didn’t go their way…

Millan answered 4 years ago

well then be prepared for another republican in the office to ruin our economy more

o and it brings joy to my heart still that clinton lost, you clinton supporters use to say this and that WHAT NOW SPEAK UP!!

Sandstorm answered 4 years ago

He has to pander to Clinton supporters to beat McCain.

camila answered 4 years ago

STOP chewing on his every “motion” or phrase…

YOU KNOW G.D. WELL what “get over it” means,
it’ means the same as in any loss–it’s time to GET OVER IT AND LET’S GO FORWARD AND UNITE.



TI answered 4 years ago

Because he knows that if even if half of her eighteen million supporters don’t vote for him, he will lose. I am one of those eighteen million and I for one will never vote for him.

Millan answered 4 years ago

Because he wants their support. Hillary’s supporters were very loyal to her, and feel like the Democrat party treated her unfairly, and feel like the party had already put full endorsement into Obama.

Sandstorm answered 4 years ago

Wow, I hear many Republican´s say they will vote independent this year. I can´t say I blame them being Bush back stabbed the conservatives. I don´t begrudge them for their right to vote their conscious, and neither should you. Lay OFF the Clinton voters, all is fair, they feel betrayed by there party, as do conservatives.

Yolanda answered 4 years ago

Hillary supporters have an easy choice. They can vote for someone who supports all the issues she ran to promote; health care, women’s choice, withdrawal from Iraq, tax policies that favor the working man, etc. That’s Obama.

Or someone who OPPOSES everything she believes in (McCain). Hardly a way to “honor” her campaign.

aeroaero answered 4 years ago

Um…because he won your party’s nomination and you’re supposed to abide by the voting system? Are you saying that the existing politicians should start deciding who gets to run for office based on who they think is more “electable”…instead of abiding by an actual electing system?

aeroaero answered 4 years ago

I shouldn’t have to say this, but to answer your question: Because he won the nomination! (Or rather, will soon.)

This is what happens after a primary. The candidates of a given party come together and rally behind the winner of the primary, ideally speaking.

Look, if you want to cast a protest vote, don’t vote for McCain. Vote third party; that will send a rather pointed message to the major party on the side you voted for. The major parties WATCH minor parties; that’s part of how we keep the two-party system. When a minor party starts to win votes, the major party on that side starts shifting its policy in that direction to poach votes off the minor party. And it works.