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Question 1

Trinity often changes her behavior when she is around Ryan, because she is attracted to him and wants to seem fun and carefree. Ryan has __________ power over Trinity.
◦ coercive
◦ referent
◦ legitimate
◦ expert

Question 2

We experience physical changes when we are emotionally charged, including our adrenaline flowing faster, our strength increasing, our livers demanding more oxygen, our blood supply to our brains decreasing, and more blood being diverted to our extremities. Such changes fuel our __________.
◦ fight-flight responses
◦ cognitive thinking
◦ interpersonal power
◦ dialectical tension

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<p><span class="a_bt">Answer 1</span></p>referent<br />
<br />
<p><span class="a_bt">Answer 2</span></p>fight-flight responses
Thank you!


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