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Author Question: If 250. L of nitrogen reacts with 582 L of hydrogen by the reaction: N2(g) + 3 H2(g) 2 NH3(g), how ... (Read 64 times)


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Question 1

If 0.50 mole H2(g) and 1.0 mole He(g) are compared at standard temperature and pressure, the two gases will:
◦ have equal effusion rates
◦ have equal average molecular velocities
◦ have equal average molecular kinetic energies
◦ occupy equal volumes
◦ have equal weights

Question 2

If 250. L of nitrogen reacts with 582 L of hydrogen by the reaction:

N2(g) + 3 H2(g) → 2 NH3(g),

how much nitrogen is unreacted?  All gases are at the same temperature and pressure.
◦ 1.9 × 102 L
◦ 3.3 × 102 L
◦ 56 L
◦ 3.0 × 102 L
◦ 41 L

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