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Question 1

Consider the finite plane region bounded by the coordinate axes and the line 4x + 3y = 12. Assuming the region has constant areal density 1, find the moments of this region about the coordinate axes.
◦ Mx=0 = 6,  My=0 = 6
◦ Mx=0 = 8,  My=0 = 8
◦ Mx=0 = 6,  My=0 = 0
◦ Mx=0 = 6,  My=0 = 8
◦ Mx=0 = 8,  My=0 = 6

Question 2

Find the mass of a thin plate that occupies the planar region  described by 0 ≤  y ≤  sin(2x), 0 ≤  x ≤
if the areal density is given by σ(x) = 8x.
◦ 32
◦ π
◦ 0
◦ 4π
◦ 2

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