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Author Question: Given CH3CO2H(aq) H+(aq) + CH3CO2(aq) at 25C, Ka = 1.83 105. What is G at 25C? (Read 176 times)


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Question 1

Given CH3CO2H(aq) H+(aq) + CH3CO2(aq) at 25°C, Ka = 1.75 10–5. What is ΔG at 25°C for a solution in which the initial concentrations are:
    [CH3CO2H]0 = 0.10 M
    [H+]0 = 6.1 10–8M
    [CH3CO2]0 = 0.010 M

–74.0 kJ
74.0 kJ
19.7 kJ
–19.7 kJ
27.1 kJ

Question 2

Given CH3CO2H(aq) H+(aq) + CH3CO2(aq) at 25°C, Ka = 1.83 10–5. What is Δ at 25°C?

–27.0 kJ
27.0 kJ
2.27 kJ
–2.27 kJ
27.0 J

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