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During a direct instruction phonics lesson, a third-grade teacher notices that several students seem disengaged after sitting at their desks for a long period of time. What is one useful way to incorporate movement into the lesson and make it more interactive?
  A) Take an activity break every five minutes and tell the children to stretch, bend, or touch their toes.
  B) Have students demonstrate their understanding using their bodies (e.g., using thumbs up/down, sitting down if they disagree with an answer, clapping if they hear a particular sound, writing an answer on a white board).
  C) Remind the children to be better listeners and have recess followed by a restroom break.
  D) Give the students an opportunity to walk around the room whenever they feel like it.

Question 2

One of the learning goals in an English/Spanish bilingual preschool is for children to learn the days of the week. How might this be accomplished in a way that is suitable for very young children?
  A) Go over a calendar in both English and Spanish every morning and ask children to repeat the days of the week in unison.
  B) Tell students what the current day of the week and ask what day comes before and after that day, requiring them to answer both in English and in Spanish.
  C) Call on individual students to recite the names of the seven days of the week in both languages and give those who can do this a sticker.
  D) Incorporate songs about the days of the week that help children to remember the names of the seven days in both languages.

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