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Author Question: For the total-cost functionC(x) = 0.01x2+ 2.2x + 80,find C and C'(x) when x = 100 and x = 1. (Read 130 times)


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Question 1

For the total-cost function

C(x) = 0.01x2 + 0.8x + 50,

find ΔC and C'(x) when x = 50 and Δx = 1.
◦ ΔC = $1.00; C'(50) = $1.00
◦ ΔC = $1.81; C'(50) = $1.30
◦ ΔC = $1.81; C'(50) = $1.80
◦ ΔC = $1.81; C'(50) = $1.00

Question 2

For the total-cost function

C(x) = 0.01x2 + 2.2x + 80,

find ΔC and C'(x) when x = 100 and Δx = 1.
◦ ΔC = $4.21; C'(100) = $2.22
◦ ΔC = $4.20; C'(100) = $4.20
◦ ΔC = $4.21; C'(100) = $3.20
◦ ΔC = $4.21; C'(100) = $4.20

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