Question List for "Introduction to Contemporary Special Education"

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Education » Create a timeline that lists and explain major events in the education of students with gifts and ... New
Started by tth
582 Sep 7, 2019
Education » Compare traditional and differentiated assignments. Identify an assignment in a topic of interest to ... New
Started by xroflmao
830 Sep 7, 2019
Education » List each of Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences. Select three types of intelligence, explain ... New
Started by gonzo233
552 Sep 7, 2019
Education » In this type of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model, students who show great interest in and are ... New
Started by aabwk4
943 Sep 7, 2019
Education » In a ninth-grade American government class, Ms. Travis has begun a study of the executive branch of ... New
Started by Yolanda
1,106 Sep 7, 2019
Education » Ms. Singlar, a tenth-grade history teacher, has Nita who is musically gifted in her class. Ms. ... New
Started by wenmo
730 Sep 7, 2019
Education » Mr. Mack is making an accommodation for Sheila a student who is gifted. The class is studying about ... New
Started by appyboo
833 Sep 7, 2019
Education » Rhonda was given an IQ test with results indicating superior intelligence. Her IQ score was 150. ... New
Started by nummyann
626 Sep 7, 2019
Education » The Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Act pertains to the education of gifted ... New
Started by olgavictoria
2,266 Sep 7, 2019
Education » Jerry is a middle school student who has been identified as gifted. He excels in science and is ... New
Started by fagboi
660 Sep 7, 2019