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Author Question: The standard error of measurement is focused chiefly on: A. Test content evidence of validity B. ... (Read 404 times)

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The standard error of measurement is focused chiefly on:
  A. Test content evidence of validity
  B. Response processes evidence of validity
  C. Relations to other variables evidence of validity
  D. None of the above

Question 2

A third-grade student with special needs seems to be disengaged from the project being completed in a small group. The teacher takes her aside and asks why she isn't completing the work. The student shares that she believes she isn't as smart as the other students and therefore has nothing to contribute to the group. How should the teacher respond?
  A) I understand how you feel, but you have to complete your work anyway. If I let you drop out of the group, other children will want to also.
  B) Yes, you seem frustrated by this group work. Why don't you go and work at the computer by yourself?
  C) People are smart in different ways. I know that your classmates admire your ability to draw. Maybe that is your way to help the group.
  D) I see your frustration; I'm sorry that you are having a bad day.

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