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Alfred, owner of Hi-Tech Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc., is interested in using the reciprocal allocation method. The following data from operations were collected for analysis:

Budgeted manufacturing overhead costs:
Plant MaintenancePM (Support Dept)$320,000
Data ProcessingDP (Support Dept)$100,000
MachiningM (Operating Dept)$245,000
CappingC (Operating Dept)$140,000

Services furnished:
By Plant Maintenance (budgeted labor-hours):
to Data Processing3600
to Machining5000
to Capping8800
By Data Processing (budgeted computer time):
to Plant Maintenance750
to Machining3700
to Capping800
What is the complete reciprocated cost of the Data Processing Department? (Do not round any intermediary calculations.)
◦ $220,000
◦ $120,690
◦ $149,210
◦ $171,269

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