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Author Question: Why are Maori land claims more contentious in New Zealand than are Aboriginal claims in Australia? (Read 297 times)


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Question 1

Which two nations in the region have become a fledgling wine exporters?
◦ Australia and New Zealand
◦ Nauru and Tuvalu
◦ Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands
◦ Kiribati and the Marshall Islands
◦ Fiji and the Cook Islands

Question 2

Why are Maori land claims more contentious in New Zealand than are Aboriginal claims in Australia?
◦ Maori have threatened violence and have long been unwilling to compromise
◦ Maori constitute a larger proportion of the population and their land claims are more valuable than Aboriginal claims in Australia
◦ New Zealand has a long history of ignoring all Maori land claims
◦ Maori intend to build heavy industrial plants on land they claim as their own
◦ Aboriginal claims in Australia are strictly for ceremonial places, such as cemeteries and sacred sites

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