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Author Question: A putative father in paternity case is heterozygous for alleles20and23of theD21S11gene. The ... (Read 42 times)


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Question 1

The selection for different alleles affecting the expression of the LCT gene in milk-drinking human populations is an example of?
◦ genetic drift
◦ hitchhiking
◦ common ancestry
◦ a selective sweep
◦ convergent evolution

Question 2

A putative father in paternity case is heterozygous for alleles 20 and 23 of the D21S11 gene.  The frequency of allele 20 is 0.1 and the frequency of allele 23 is 0.2.  A child is born with a nonmaternal 23 allele at its D21S11 gene.  What is the Paternity Index (PI) for this putative father in this case?

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