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Author Question: The most important ancient site in the Americas is located a. in the Arizona area of North ... (Read 335 times)


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The most important ancient site in the Americas is located
  a. in the Arizona area of North America.
  b. along the Canadian coast.
  c. in Monte Verde, Chile.
  d. along the western coastline of Mexico.
  e. along the coastline of San Francisco.

Question 2

How did the Rocky and Andes Mountains affect the movement of early settlers?
  a. They created a desert area that was too harsh for new settlements.
  b. They prompted avalanches that were a constant danger.
  c. They created a physical barrier that impeded any movement into the area east of the mountain ranges.
  d. They were near active volcanoes that destroyed many early settlements.
  e. They had seasonal melting snow that created devastating floods.

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Answer to Question 1


Answer to Question 2



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