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Question 1

Billy receives all A's on his report card. His parents buy him the video game that he has been asking for. This is an example of a __________.
◦ negative reinforcement
◦ positive punishment
◦ positive reinforcement
◦ negative punishment

Question 2

Delilah is the shy, retiring type-a classic introvert. She is happy in the company of books and her own thoughts. According to the principles of reciprocal determinism, how will Delilah's personality characteristics relate to the environments she seeks?
◦ Delilah will seek stimulating environments, such as concerts or crowded theme parks, to counterbalance her dispositional qualities.
◦ Delilah will seek environments such as libraries, quiet cafes, or secluded parks, which will in turn reinforce her introverted tendencies.
◦ Delilah will seek behaviorally neutral environments, so she can focus on introspection and self-examination.
◦ Delilah's personality characteristics will be unrelated to the environments she seeks, as personality is an internal dimension and environments refer to the external world.

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