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Question 1

A first-order reaction is 45% complete at the end of 31 minutes. What is the length of the half-life of this reaction?

36 min
27 min
1.9 h
45 min
None of these are correct.

Question 2

A general reaction written as A + 2B → C + 2D is studied and yields the following data:
Initial Δ[C]/Δt
0.150 M
0.150 M
8.00 × 10–3 mol/L·s
0.150 M
0.300 M
1.60 × 10–2 mol/L·s
0.300 M
0.150 M
3.20 × 10–2 mol/L·s

What is the overall order of the reaction?

Reference: Ref 12-1


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