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Question 1

In some cultures, infant boys are circumcised. Explain what circumcision is and why there is support for as well as opposition to the procedure.

Question 2

Mrs. Becker is trying to become pregnant. One of the Beckers' favorite ways of relaxation is to soak in the hot tub while drinking wine. A year has gone by with no pregnancy occurring, so they visit your clinic. You conclude that the hot tub is a possible factor in Mr. Becker's infertility. Angered and insulted, both assure you that they have no difficulty having intercourse, unless Mr. Becker has had too much wine, which happens infrequently. How will you explain to them the difference between impotence and infertility? Why should you suspect the hot tub as a factor in Mr. Becker's lowered sperm count? Is the wine a factor as well?

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