Author Question: What distracts you from homework? ? (Read 9059 times)


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Because mine is, facebook!
And the thing is, I know i'll pretty much see the same pictures, videos, updated profiles, but i don't know what leads me back.

AND THIS SITE, i mean I just look at questions, just for the fun of it, no point intended. Then catch myself writing lame questions like these, because I'm bored. When in reality I have Chemistry, Mathematics(Functions), and Anthropology homework.

So after making you read this rant, what is distracting you, besides this site, from doing your important tasks aka homework


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Reply #1 on: Jun 23, 2013
Alot of things girl! I get distracted by my e-mails, phone calls, myspace, music, t.v., my little sister, so many things!

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Reply #2 on: Jun 23, 2013
Just the internet in general, television, and sleep.  I have homework and yet I'm on this site answering questions, sad I know.  Watch me find myself doing homework at 12 am again, like every other day.  Also, the television, there's always something on that appeals to me!  Whether if it's a reality show, disney channel, documentaries, food network, I enjoy watching everything!  Sleeping is also one of my problems, lol.  I sleep insanely a lot.  On weekends, I get at least 12 hours of sleep a night.  But yea, everything is so distracting!


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Reply #3 on: Jun 23, 2013
What distracts me from homework in Myspace! Even when I finished messaging all my friends on Myspace I'm still on it. So basically I have the same problem with you but Myspace. And why does yahoo says Myspace is spelled wrong!?
The other thing that distracts me from homework is the T.V. Sometimes there's nothing good to watch and I end up sleeping.  


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Reply #4 on: Jun 23, 2013
i try not to go on the computer during school week unless ive got homework on it
but i like youtube
and the music video


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Reply #5 on: Oct 28, 2015
Social media


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Reply #6 on: May 31, 2022
My girlfriend, and the two jobs I'm working.


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