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Al bought a case of beer because his friends were coming over to watch the Grey Cup. During the game, Al opened a beer, poured about a third of it into Bob's glass, and handed the can to Chuck. Bob noticed the strange orange colour of the beer and called everyone's attention to it; unfortunately, Chuck had drunk most of the beer from the can before he heard Bob. There had been a small battery in the can that had contaminated the beer. Chuck was seriously injured. On these facts, which of the following is true?
◦ Bob could sue Al successfully for negligence, because Al poured the contaminated beer into Bob's glass.
◦ Chuck could sue Al successfully for negligence, because Al handed the contaminated beer to Chuck.
◦ Because Chuck did not buy the beer, he could not sue the seller for breach of contract, but he could sue the beer manufacturer in tort.
◦ Bob could successfully sue the manufacturer for negligence because he need only prove that the manufacturer owed him a duty of care and need not prove damages.
◦ Since Chuck did not buy the beer, he has no cause of action against anyone.

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