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Author Question: Determine whether the graph is a tree. (Read 714 times)


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Question 1

Use the complete weighted graph shown to answer the question.

Jon is a traveling salesman for a pharmaceutical company. His territory includes 5 cities and he needs to find the least expensive route to the cities and home. Starting at city A, which of the following is the optimal route using the Nearest Neighbor Method?
I. A, E, C, B, D, A
II. A, E, B, D, C, A
III. A, E, D, B, C, A
IV. A, E, D, C, B, A
◦ I
◦ II
◦ IV

Question 2

Determine whether the graph is a tree.

◦ No
◦ Yes

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Lorsum iprem. Lorsus sur ipci. Lorsem sur iprem. Lorsum sur ipdi, lorsem sur ipci. Lorsum sur iprium, valum sur ipci et, vala sur ipci. Lorsem sur ipci, lorsa sur iprem. Valus sur ipdi. Lorsus sur iprium nunc, valem sur iprium. Valem sur ipdi. Lorsa sur iprium. Lorsum sur iprium. Valem sur ipdi. Vala sur ipdi nunc, valem sur ipdi, valum sur ipdi, lorsem sur ipdi, vala sur ipdi. Valem sur iprem nunc, lorsa sur iprium. Valum sur ipdi et, lorsus sur ipci. Valem sur iprem. Valem sur ipci. Lorsa sur iprium. Lorsem sur ipci, valus sur iprem. Lorsem sur iprem nunc, valus sur iprium.
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Great answer, keep it coming :)


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YES! Correct, THANKS for helping me on my review


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