Question List for "Calculus: Early Transcendentals"

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Calculus » A rectangular field is to be enclosed on four sides with a fence. Fencing costs $2 per foot for two ... New
193 Dec 18, 2021
Calculus » A small frictionless cart, attached to the wall by a spring, is pulled 10 cm back from its rest ... New
Started by dmcintosh
182 Dec 18, 2021
Calculus » The strength S of a rectangular wooden beam is proportional to its width times the square of its ... New
Started by hbsimmons88
180 Dec 18, 2021
Calculus » It took 20 seconds for the temperature to rise from 4 F to 166 F when a thermometer was taken from a ... New
Started by lracut11
237 Dec 18, 2021
Calculus » A rectangular sheet of perimeter 24 cm and dimensions x cm by y cm is to be rolled into a cylinder ... New
Started by jman1234
160 Dec 18, 2021
Calculus » Suppose a business can sell x gadgets for p = 250 - 0.01x dollars apiece, and it costs the business ... New
Started by Charlie
225 Dec 18, 2021
Calculus » Find the optimum number of batches (to the nearest whole number) of an item that should be produced ... New
Started by newbem
189 Dec 18, 2021
Calculus » At noon, ship A was 15 nautical miles due north of ship B. Ship A was sailing south at 15 knots ... New
Started by sheilaspns
199 Dec 18, 2021
Calculus » The stiffness of a rectangular beam is proportional to its width times the cube of its depth. Find ... New
Started by sheilaspns
197 Dec 18, 2021
Calculus » A marathoner ran the 26.2 mile New York City Marathon in 2.3 hrs. Did the runner ever exceed a speed ... New
Started by @Brianna17
281 Dec 18, 2021