Author Question: How do I rearrange the y=mx+b equation to find the unknown value of X on my graph? (Read 2079 times)


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I am using the formula y=mx+b on a graph, I am trying to find the values of 3 unknown concentrations of DNA on the X axis, how do I rearrange this equation so I can find these hidden values? My straight line equation is y=0.0006x + 0.0247 any help would be great! Thanks.


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y = mx + b
y - b = mx
x = (y - b) / m
y = 0.0006x + 0.0247
y - 0.0247 = 0.0006x
x = (y - 0.0247) / 0.0006

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subtract b
then divide by m

y - b =mx
(y-b)/m = x


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x =    -41.1667 + 1666.67 y


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