Author Question: In paragraph 49, who do you guess to be the man who cursed like asailors parrot? In paragraph 56, ... (Read 569 times)


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In paragraph 49, who do you guess to be the man who cursed like asailors parrot? In paragraph 56, who do you assume is the man driving the cart? Is the fact that these persons are not clearly labeled and identified a failure on the authors part?
  What will be an ideal response?

Question 2

In the very first paragraph, what does the writer tell us about Ellen(Granny Weatherall)?
  What will be an ideal response?

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Answer to Question 1

  • The most likely guess about the man who cursed like a sailors parrot is that he was John, the man Ellen eventually married. Presumably John had always loved her and was angry because she had been so deeply hurt. The identity of the man driving the cart is more nebulous. Was he George? John? A confused amalgam of the two? That the reader remains unsure is not a fault in the story. The dreamlike haze surrounding the mans identity beautifully reflects Grannys loosening hold on reality.

Answer to Question 2

  • That Ellen Weatherall is feisty, accustomed to having her way, and unwilling to be treated like the sick old woman she is, all comes through the story from the start.

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