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Author Question: Ruth is taking a social psychology class with a professor who has a reputation of being mean and ... (Read 3285 times)


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Ruth is taking a social psychology class with a professor who has a reputation of being mean and unhelpful.
  Ruth notices that the professor will not provide any extensions for late work or provide any extra credit opportunities for students struggling with the coursework. However, Ruth fails to consider that the professor offers review sessions prior to examinations and responds to all email questions within a 24 hour time period. By noticing information that confirms her belief that the professor is unhelpful and ignoring information that disconfirms her belief, Ruth is engaging in what social psychological phenomenon?
  a. The false consensus effect
  b. The false uniqueness effect
  c. The hindsight bias
  d. The confirmation bias

Question 2

________________ is defined as an approach to thinking that involves using systematic observations, measurements, and experiments to assess information.
  a. Hindsight bias
  b. Differential construal
  c. The scientific method
  d. The confirmation bias

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