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Author Question: All of the following diseases affect the nervous system except: a. diabetes c. sclerosis b. ... (Read 143 times)

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All of the following diseases affect the nervous system except:
  a. diabetes c. sclerosis
  b. aneurysm d. stroke

Question 2

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 was passed to:
  a. ensure all people receive the same health insurance
  b. combine patient medical histories with family history data
  c. regulate the medical tests conducted on genetic information
  d. prevent discrimination in regard to health insurance

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Answer to Question 1


Answer to Question 2


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YES! Correct, THANKS for helping me on my review


Did you know?

Blood is approximately twice as thick as water because of the cells and other components found in it.

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The U.S. Pharmacopeia Medication Errors Reporting Program states that approximately 50% of all medication errors involve insulin.

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Essential fatty acids have been shown to be effective against ulcers, asthma, dental cavities, and skin disorders such as acne.

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When intravenous medications are involved in adverse drug events, their harmful effects may occur more rapidly, and be more severe than errors with oral medications. This is due to the direct administration into the bloodstream.

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Immunoglobulin injections may give short-term protection against, or reduce severity of certain diseases. They help people who have an inherited problem making their own antibodies, or those who are having certain types of cancer treatments.

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