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Author Question: Blake heard that one of his coworkers, Allan, was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Which of the ... (Read 27 times)


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Question 1

What is the social-cognitive explanation of dissociative identity disorder? What are three types of evidence that would invalidate (i.e., not support) the social-cognitive position?

Question 2

Blake heard that one of his coworkers, Allan, was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Which of the following symptoms would best fit Allan's experience?
◦ Allan believes that the Pentagon is following him everywhere through the GPS on his cell phone.
◦ When asked to talk about what happened in his day, Allan rambles on for 15 minutes, jumping from topic to topic, but never answering the original question.
◦ Allan has large gaps in memory where he was told he was behaving in uncharacteristic ways. His personality tends to switch to someone else when he is under stress.
◦ Allan believes the Pentagon is following him, AND he rambles, jumps from topic to topic, and never answers questions asked of him.

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