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Question 1

Suppose demand is Qd = 66 – P and supply is Qs = P. There is a constant negative externality of $6 per unit. What is the market equilibrium quantity? What is the economically efficient quantity?
◦ 30, 33
◦ 33, 36
◦ 30, 36
◦ 33, 30

Question 2

Externalities of Consumption

The graph shows the market for flu shots, which causes a positive externality due to impacts on herd immunity.
Assume that P1=$1.90, P2=$3.10, P3=$5.75, P4=$7.55, Q1=465, Q2=920, and Q3=1,480. The market equilibrium results in ________ (overproduction/underproduction) of flu shots by ________ units.
◦ underproduction, 1,015
◦ underproduction, 455
◦ overproduction, 455
◦ overproduction, 1,015

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