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Author Question: Which of the following teacher statements reflects the conflict resolution model presented in the textbook? (Read 128 times)


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Question 1

A third-grade child with mild autism is most likely to report that he:
◦ has no friends in school and probably never will.
◦ is friends with every person in his classroom and his neighborhood.
◦ has friends but still feels isolated and lonely.
◦ has enough friends and does not need to make more.

Question 2

Which of the following teacher statements reflects the conflict resolution model presented in the textbook?
◦ "I'm going to need to put the toy away, since you can't share it nicely. I'll bring it out again, when you show me you can cooperate."
◦ "What do you say when you have a problem like this. Do you remember the words I taught you?"
◦ "I'm going to have the two of you play apart for a little while, since you can't get along. When you're playing nicely for awhile, I'll let you play together again."
◦ "That's a good idea for solving your disagreement. Can you think of something else you could do to solve the problem?"

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