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Author Question: By 1960, ____________________ homes standing in the United States had been built in the 1950's. ... (Read 8 times)


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Question 1

During the 1760s British policy makers sought to raise revenues from the American colonies for the purpose of
  A) defraying costs of the British empire in India.
  B) creating a new royal palace designed to rival Versailles.
  C) contributing to Britain's extensive policies of poor relief.
  D) building a new Mediterranean fleet.
  E) paying for the expenses of the British army in its defense of the colonies.

Question 2

By 1960, ___________________ _ homes standing in the United States had been built in the 1950's.
  A) one in two
  B) one in three
  C) one in four
  D) one in ten
  E) one in fifteen

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