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Question 1

In 1935, Senator Huey Long
  A. declared he would seek the Democratic nomination for president in 1936.
  B. had as much popular support as Franklin Roosevelt, according to opinion polls.
  C. advocated a 200 monthly pension for all Americans over the age of 60.
  D. advocated a flat tax plan.
  E. had proposed a national wealth-sharing plan that involved heavily taxing the wealthiest Americans.

Question 2

In 1934, the American Liberty League was formed
  A. by a coalition of radical and semi-radical organizations, including the Socialist Party.
  B. by western business leaders who felt ignored by the New Deal.
  C. to unite southerners who opposed the New Deal's support of unions.
  D. to help win public support for the more controversial New Deal programs.
  E. by wealthy conservatives who strongly opposed the New Deal.

Question 3

In 1934, Dr. Francis Townsend attracted widespread national support for a plan that
  A. provided below-cost health care to children and pregnant women.
  B. helped pave the way for the Social Security system.
  C. was strongly supported by Congress.
  D. offered medical insurance for the poor and elderly.
  E. guaranteed all able-bodied Americans over age 21 a full-time job.

Question 4

The National Recovery Administration of 1933 did all of the following EXCEPT
  A. establish a minimum wage for labor.
  B. set a standard for the maximum hours one could work in a week.
  C. set price and wage floors for most major industries.
  D. increase competition between companies.
  E. make child industrial labor illegal.

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Answer 1


Answer 2


Answer 3


Answer 4



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