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on: Dec 1, 2022
Why are we still reading the book called The Prince, which was written 500 years ago ( has a long time of history )?


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The prince is one of the most influential works of Niccolò Machiavelli which served as a guide to future princes and kings. The work was completed in 16th century during which many countries were still ruled by kings. The most important message in the book is that a prince could any means to achieve his goal and this would mean that it’s the end or destination that’s important and not the route or means. thus, he wants the prince to engage in actions whether right or wrong in the eyes of others, in order to continue in power. It is one of the finest works that conflicted with the then Christian Church for two reasons, firstly, it was written in Italian not in Latin, secondly, it promoted the kingdom of men and not god. Nevertheless, it remains the most important works in the political philosophy.

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