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Author Question: Dr. Baldwin is explaining a cognitive model for the development of panic disorder. She describes a ... (Read 180 times)


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Dr. Baldwin is explaining a cognitive model for the development of panic disorder. She describes a connection between cognitions and somatic symptoms that begin with physical changes that create catastrophic thoughts, which result in fear and more physiological changes. She is describing the beginning steps of the ____.
  a. classical conditioning loop
  b. circular pattern of anxieties
  c. feedback loop
 d. observational learning

Question 2

In a research study, cancer patients, prior to undergoing chemotherapy, are given a drink in a container with a bright orange lid. After pairing the drink with chemotherapy, the patients experiences distress and nausea when presented with the container. This study supports what theory of phobias?
  a. observational learning
  b. psychodynamic
 c. classical conditioning
  d. cognitive-behavioral

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Answer to Question 1


Answer to Question 2



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