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A father wishes to distribute 16 pieces of candy among his 3 children (Abe, Betty, and Cindy) based on the number of hours each child spends doing chores around the house. Using a certain apportionment method, he has determined that Abe is to get 9 pieces of candy, Betty is to get 4 pieces, and Cindy is to get 3 pieces. However, just before he hands out the candy, he discovers that he has 17 pieces (not 16) of candy. When he apportions the 17 pieces of candy using the same apportionment method, Abe ends up with 10 pieces, Betty with 5 pieces, and Cindy with 2 pieces. This is an example of
◦ the new states paradox.
◦ the Alabama paradox.
◦ a violation of the quota rule.
◦ the population paradox.
◦ none of these

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