55 Chapters
Automotive Technology: A Systems Approach
4th Edition
Author(s): Erjavec
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Sample Questions
  • The mating surface of an oil pump cover is checked for wear with a micrometer.
  • Why do some late-model engines use a hard gasket with a sealant bead around the inside dimensions?
  • Exhaust valves must withstand working temperatures of between 816C and 2204C (1500F and 4000F).
  • Conductive charging is normally accomplished with a fuel nozzle looking connector called the ODU.a. ...
  • Which statement best describes sequential fuel injection systems?
  • When troubleshooting OBD-II systems, why is it important to check service history and service publications?
  • Some scopes and graphing scan tools can display multiple channels.
  • A trouble code does not necessarily indicate the faulty component.
  • During a survey conducted during National Car Care Month, what percentage of vehicles had worn or ...
  • A water manometer can be made from clear plastic tubing that will fit over the dipstick tube.
  • When a piece of wood is burned, its energy is destroyed.
  • Which statement best describes a typical automatic traction control (ATC) system?
  • Which statement best describes valve stem seals?
  • Which statement best describes orifice tube systems?
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