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Author Question: How many years behind in reading development is the following student? Independent Level 2 ... (Read 3469 times)


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How many years behind in reading development is the following student?
  Independent Level 2
  Instructional Level 3
  Frustration Level 5
  Listening Capacity 8
  a. 2
  b. 3
  c. 4
  d. 5

Question 2

Ms. Cahill's students are working on informational posters that will be displayed in the hallway. Ms. Cahill has made lots of decorative materials available to students and once their poster's content has been approved, they are encouraged to decorate their poster using markers, glitter, sequins, magazine photos, and yarn. Ellie, who is working with the art materials, sprinkles glitter into Cash's hair. In addition to asking Ellie to clean up and apologize to Cash, a logical consequence in this case would be to
  a. tear Ellie's poster up to make a point.
  b. tell Ellie that she has lost the privilege of decorating her poster and send her back to her seat.
  c. let Cash put glitter into Ellie's hair, then make her write a letter of apology.
  d. send both students to the office.

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