Discovering Global Cuisines: Traditional Flavors and Techniques
1st Edition
Author(s): Allen
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Sample Questions
  • An important starch dish from the Caribbean using cornmeal is called __________ .
  • What dish-red, green, black, or yellow-is Mexico's gift to the world and the pride of every town and ...
  • The Georgians have three categories of soups-meat, meatless-vegetable, and __________.
  • The belief of 600 BCE that thought everything in life should be balanced between good and evil, and ...
  • The three types of stir-fry are raw, soft, and _________.
  • Mexican cuisine has changed dramatically over the years.
  • The soft, crumbly cheese used in Mexico to finish tacos and other dishes is called queso __________ .
  • The ancho, pasilla and mulato are all different names for the same chili.
  • The starchy fruit that must be cooked before eating and is used for the classic dish tostones is __________ .
  • Which of the following statements about the regions of Mexico is not true?
  • There is a dish in Korean cuisine that is similar to sushi. What is it?
  • The ancient Mexican dish made with a soft corn mash; filled with meats, cheese, or vegetables and ...
  • The commonality of olive oil, garlic, parsley, tomatoes, peppers, almonds, chocolate, eggs, dried ...
  • Of the five "mother" civilizations out of which modern Mexico evolved, the one with the highest ...
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