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Author Question: A wheel accelerates with a constant angular acceleration of 4.5 rad/s2 from an initial angular speed ... (Read 410 times)


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A wheel accelerates with a constant angular acceleration of 4.5 rad/s2 from an initial angular speed of 1.0 rad/s. (a) Through what angle does the wheel turn in the first 2.0 s, and (b) what is its angular speed at that time?
  What will be an ideal response?

Question 2

When a metal is illuminated by light, photoelectrons are observed provided that the wavelength of the light is less than 520 nm. What is the metal's work function? (c = 3.00  108 m/s, h = 6.626  10-34 J  s, 1 eV = 1.60  10-19 J)
  A) 2.4 eV
  B) 2.6 eV
  C) 2.8 eV
  D) 3.0 eV

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