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Question 1

Your child is currently six years old. When he turns 19 you want him to be able to withdraw $14700 per year in order to either travel or go to school for four years. If you are able to earn 6.62% compounded semi-annually for the entire time period, what is the single amount of the deposit three years from now that will ensure that your child is able to do this?
◦ $27 877.49
◦ $28 777.49
◦ $29 877.49
◦ $28 877.49
◦ $27 777.49

Question 2

A trust fund will start to pay you $15 200 per year at the beginning of each year once you turn 18. The prevailing interest rate is 8.79% compounded annually. For how long can you receive payments if you are celebrating your 14th birthday today and the current value of your trust fund is $111 345?
◦ 20.97 years
◦ 20.07 years
◦ 24.97 years
◦ 29.07 years
◦ 29.77 years

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