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Author Question: Which is NOT a characteristic of the Americans with Disabilities Act that was passed in 1990? (Read 83 times)


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Question 1

Deinstitutionalization of Americans living in psychiatric Hospitals in the 1970s resulted in:
◦ Extensive funding of community based services.
◦ Acceptance of community to having the mentally ill living near them.
◦ The practice of "dumping."
◦ A reduction of homelessness.

Question 2

Which is NOT a characteristic of the Americans with Disabilities Act that was passed in 1990?
◦ Prohibits discrimination against people with mental and physical disabilities in employment, transportation and public accommodations.
◦ The establishment of comprehensive civil rights
◦ Integrate those with disabilities into all aspects of life.
◦ Businesses can apply for a waiver to exempt themselves from compliance if it proves too great a hardship to comply.

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